Jamming Up Child Trafficking & Slavery

The TRAFFIC JAM CAMPAIGN is a 501(c)3 public charity established in early 2004 to raise awareness and involvement to counter the trafficking and enslavement of millions of children around the globe, especially those forced into the sex trade and militias.

Believing that the Arts can help to redeem mankind, TRAFFIC JAM mobilizes visual and performing artists and their fans to fight against this grave injustice suffered by so many children. Such mobilization typically occurs in the form of hosted events, coupled with online campaign pages.

Since its inception, TRAFFIC JAM has facilitated or invested in trafficking prevention, rescue and aftercare programs in over 75 countries, using community-based solutions that empower nationals to provide security, hope and restoration to their communities. TRAFFIC JAM accomplishes its mission of positive child outcomes through more than 120 trusted front-line specialists that are held in high-accountability relationships that exemplify integrity, transparency and best practices.

Putting Resources Directly Into the Field

Historically, the TRAFFIC JAM CAMPAIGN has primarily been a coordinating body for the identification, funding, monitoring and reporting of front-line counter-trafficking specialists. Associated private foundations and donor-advised funds have come alongside donor/beneficiary partnership models which don’t require the funding to go through TRAFFIC JAM as a legal entity. As such, less than $500,000 per year typically goes through the TRAFFIC JAM books, primarily for advocacy efforts. A further $2.5 million to $3.5 million normally goes to prevention, rescue and restoration specialists annually. TRAFFIC JAM arranges such funding to go directly from the funding partner to the in-field beneficiary as an accountability measure to ensure funding partners that 100% is going into the field, without the deduction of operating and administrative costs.

Commitment to Child Privacy & Safety

TRAFFIC JAM is committed to the safety and privacy of the children it serves. As such, no photos of trafficked or rescued children are included on TRAFFIC JAM’s Website, blogs, social media, videos and other collateral materials unless parents or other guardians have specifically requested such inclusion at their own initiation, not in response to any request from TRAFFIC JAM. In all cases the names of the children have been changed and locations are sometimes obscured.

For the security of the children in TRAFFIC JAM’s prevention and restoration programs, none of TRAFFIC JAM’s in-field specialists or their specific locations are disclosed in any of TRAFFIC JAM’s online or print materials.